World Oils and Essences


Let us take you on a journey…

…around the world with our range of Oils and Essences, Designed to enhance your clients expect experience and enjoyment of your facilities and to get away from the old standard of, “If it’s a steam room it smells of sweat and Eucalyptus milk”. With our fragrances taken from the If wilds of Alaska to the bush of Australia to the spices of Ceylon and India, to the gentle sea breezes of the islands of the Indian Oceans, from the forests of the north or try the more medicinal qualities and traditional essences of the gentle aromas of the natural flowers and herbs from the pine forests of England and beyond.

If  you increase your clients’ enjoyment this will aid you in your retention.

Chemcare Liverpool is fast becoming the leading supplier in the U.K and Europe Spa market with their range of oil based essences for use in Feature Showers, Steam Rooms, and Saunas & Ice Caves. These are proving to be some of the best in the market place. Chemcare range now numbers over Seventy Five plus fragrances. This is due to a development program which was carried out with a number of top quality spas along with a few specialist equipment suppliers.

Rich and Invigorating Oils and Essences

This program took most of 2005; to develop this was to ensure that all essences were to a food safe specification and non flammable. These at first glance may seem strange goals but if you are responsible for people inhaling, handling or showering in this product then these high standards of safety are the bench mark to achieve.

If you look at the market place there are products available that are supposedly ‘oil based’, but in actual fact are solvent or alcohol based with flash points equivalent to throwing petrol on hot sauna coals.  As you can imagine the end result would be a disaster. They must also be compatible with shower, steam room & sauna equipment currently in use or for new equipment like Ice Caves.


High Quality and Cost Effective

The design team behind this development, says that the number of spas that are now using our essences have found that it has reduced their monthly purchases in this area and has enhanced the client’s experience. The easiest comparison of these products is the difference between Perfume and Eau de Toilette, ask any woman which they prefer. We can develop a range of Signature fragrances for your facility depending on the quantities involved and these could also include shower hair and body wash.