Rasul Products

rasul muds

Welcome to our new range of carefully selected Rasul Products.  Our specialized colour palette of Rasul mud’s are the finest quality natural mud’s rich in minerals, each with individual beneficial properties to personalize your Rasul treatment, and to help make your clients experience that more interesting.

Mud’s are applied to the skin prior to a Rasul steam treatment. The mud’s exfoliate and enriches the skin with numerous minerals.  Once the muds have dried in the anti room they should then be steamed off in a relaxing steam cabin in order to allow the open pores of the skin to further absorb the mineral content. Showering after the steam room will complete the exfoliating and rejuvenating process.

  • yellow terra silicate rasul mud

    Yellow Terra Silicate

    A yellow silicate, containing a medium grade powder with a creamy texture. Idealy suited for use on the upper body, neck & bust.

  • grey terra silicate rasul mud

    Grey Terra Silicate

    This is a more coarse silicate which enhances exfoliation  making it ideal for use on legs & arms. You may also add salt granules or essence oils to produce a singnature treatment.

  • blue terra silicate rasul mud

    Blue Terra Silicate

    This is a Blue silicate containing a fine grain powder with a creamy texture for upper body, arms, feet and elbows.

  • copper terra silicate rasul mud

    Copper Terra Silicate

    The copper contains a higher grade silica content to increase the exfoliation process. Can also be used with salt granules for extra exfoliation to create a signature treatment. For use on upper body, back and the pelvis areas.

  • white terra silicate rasul mud

    White Terra Silicate

    The finest of white mud rich & creamy with a very smooth consistency This gives a silky and smooth feeling enhancing the clients relaxation & enjoyment. This is most suited for the face, décolleté, and scalp.

  • Signature Treatments

    All of the above products can be enhanced by the addition of essential oils or salt granules (see also world oils and salt products).