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High Action Germicidal Cleaner & Degreaser

A neutral lemon citrus based cleaner with a high kill bactericide for use in all leisure areas.  This product has a high dilution, is economical in use and is safe to use when facilities in use.

Kill rates for this product are available on request.

  • contains deep penetrating and emulsifying properties that hold loosened soil in suspension
  • quickly destroys bacteria, reduces danger of cross-infection and   keeps surfaces ‘antiseptically’ clean
  • removes bacteria which cause odour, getting rid of odours which cling to surfaces, ensuring true deodorisation
  • leaves a fresh, lasting fragrance, giving the deodorising properties time to work
  • contains no harsh alkalis or corrosive ingredients.  Harmless to any surface where plain water can be used.  Highly effective even on marble and terrazzo
  • may be applied by regular mop or spray method
  • an effective fungi stat, controlling mildew and mould, thereby preventing odours due to the decay of organic material
  • effective against a wide range of both gram positive and gram negative micro-organisms including: E. Coli, S Typhi, S Aureus and Ps Aeruginosa as well as other infectious diseases
  • recommended for the cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting of floors, walls and other surfaces where sanitation and cleanliness are of importance
  • effectively disinfects at a dilution of up to 1 to 50 per gallon of warm or cold water
  • for schools, swimming baths, saunas, maternity and care homes, kennels, stables, zoos, etc