FS Plus

Solvent for Lime Scale, Calcium, & Urinary Calculus

Our leading Poolside and Wet Area cleaning product FS Plus is for use in all wet areas for the removal of Lime scale, Calcium & Heavy Body Fat Soiling. It is designed to be used on stainless steel and removes rust, algae, mould/mildew, and can be used safely around the pool area and is also great in steam rooms and showers for body fat removal.

  • is an alternative to sulphuric and hydrochloric acid
  • cleans quicker and easier which means it gets to work fast
  • dissolves urinary calculus, mineral and lime deposits
  • safely cleans swimming pools, handrails and steps without etching or damage
  • degreases and removes rust at the same time
  • prevents growth of bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew
  • instantly removes body fat from surfaces and quickly and easily cleans tiles in steam rooms
  • contains a disinfectant agent
  • is an excellent product for the removal of scale from shower-heads
  • is safe to use on glass panels where scale and body fat build up it is also safe on      most rubber, metals, steel, concrete or sealing compounds
  • does not affect the pH in a swimming pool
  • cleans pH control probes for swimming pools
  • is ideal for use in swimming pools, shower stalls, hotels and leisure washrooms etc
  • can be used neat or diluted with water.  Dilution with water varies between 1:1 and 1:10 depending on the use
  • can be applied with brush, stream or in immersions