Changing Room Care


High Action Cleaner & Re-Odouriser

A heavy duty cleaning product designed for those dry changing areas that are always tough to clean, even marks left due to high traffic with dirt & grime from outside, and rubber from soles of shoes.  Spa – Changing Room Care can be fragranced as required in meadow fresh, lemon, mango, baby powder and more.

  • contains deep penetrating and emulsifying properties that hold loosened soil in suspension
  • removes body fats and grease, which causes odour, getting rid of odours that cling to surfaces, ensuring true deodorisation
  • leaves a fresh, lasting fragrance (various fragrances available), giving the deodorising properties time to work
  • contains no harsh alkalis or corrosive ingredients.  Harmless to any surface where plain water can be used.  Highly effective, even on marble and terrazzo
  • may be applied by regular mop or spray method
  • is recommended for the cleaning, degreasing, deodorising surfaces where cleanliness is of importance
  • effectively cleans & deodorises at a dilution 1:100 with warm or cold water
  • cleans hard surface, sinks, lockers, benches, shower areas, walls and floors all in one operation
  • for leisure centres, health clubs, swimming pools, hotels, saunas, sunbeds, schools