Pool, Changing Room & Gym

FS Plus
Size 5 ltr
Safe swimming pool cleaner for body fats, mould & mildewFWH Deep Clean
Size 5 ltr
For wet areas to remove limescale, calcium deposits
Changing room Care
Size 5 ltr
General purpose cleaner / degreaserLeisure Care Lemon
Size 5 ltr
High action germicidal cleaner degreaser
Auto air freshener dispenser
Size Kit
Programmable air freshener dispenser
Gym Wipes
Size box of 12 packs
High Kill bactericidal wipes
Auto air freshener fragrances
Size 12x1
Refill aerosol for auto air freshener dispenserGerm Wipes
Size box of 12 packs
See kill rate info
Deo CareLiquid air freshenerAll Care
Size 5 ltr
High Kill sanitizer degreaser, unfragranced
Clear Care
Size 1 ltr / 5 ltr
Glass & Mirror cleanerWashroom Care
Size 5 ltr
Washroom cleaner & freshener
Fabric Care
Size 10 ltr
Clothes fabric conditionerWashroom Care with Bleach
Size 5 ltr
Washroom cleaner freshener
Fabric Clean
Size 10 ltr
Clothes washing detergentFloor Care
Size 5 ltr
Lemon / Pine floor gel
Laundry Powder
Size 10 kg tubs
Bio & Non BioSquash Court Paste
Size 10 kg Tub
Specialist cleaning for squash court walls
Toilet Care
Size 1 ltr / 5 ltr
Phosphoric based toilet cleanerFabric Stain Remover
Size 10 ltr
Clothes stain remover
Sunbed Care
Size 1 ltr / 5 ltr
Sunbed cleanerDisinfectant
Size 5 ltr
Ciric Acid Granules
Size 10 kgs tubs
For steam room cleaningMulti Paste
Size 10 kg tub
Pine oil & pumice paste
Probe Care
Size 1 ltr / 5 ltr
Probe cleaner / descalerSunbed Wipes
Size box of 12 packs
Sunbed cleaning & sanitising wipes
Total Care
Size 1 ltr / 5 ltr
Fragranced sanitiser degreaser (High Kill)Drain Care
Size 1 ltr
Drain cleaner & unblocker
Metallised Floor Polish
Size 5 ltr
Hard wearing floor polishMould Care
Size 1 ltr / 5 ltr
Cleaner for effective mould control
Floor Stripper
Size 5 ltr
To remove old polish etc from floors
Spray & Buff
1 ltr / 5 ltr
Floor buffer
Thick Bleach
Size 5 ltr
Thickened Bleach ConcentrateExterminator
Size 1x12 cans
Fly & wasp killer for use in dispenser
Toilet Chunks
Size 3 kg tub
Toilet Freshener