Industrial Aerosols

Anti-Seize LubricantHigh temperature assembly grease
Anti-SpatterAerosol anti-spatter
Belt DressingIncreasing transmitted power on most types of
industrial belting by eliminating slip
Chain & Wire Rope LubricantPenetrates and lubricates chains & the core of wire ropes
to reduce wear and extend life
Circuit FreezerA freeze spray 1. detects faults in electrical components 2.can
freeze water in small bore pipes 3. also a chewing gum remover
Clear Penetrating Oil Cutting and
Tapping Fluid
Penetrates and leaves a residual lubricant to facilate dismantling
Contains advanced EP additives to reduce tool wear and
improve machined finish
De-IcerConcentrated formulation which inhibits refreezing, for use
on windscreens and locks
Electrical Cleaning SolventCleans, degreases and dries fast leaving no residue
Food Safe LubricantFor use in food processing industry
Line Marker PaintAll colours
Maintenance SprayMulti-purpose spray for de-watering penetrating, lubricating,
cleaning and degreasing
Non-Silicone Mould ReleaseNon-stain release for most moulding operations including
synthetic rubber components and most thermo plastics
Open Gear LubricantAnti-fling lube which penetrates to prolong life of open gears
and chains
Furniture PolishIndustrial furniture polish
PTFE LubricantLeaves a dry film of PTFE for use as a lubricant or mould release
Silicone GreaseUsed as a release agent or lubricant it can be used in all areas
where incidental food contact possible
Silicone SprayUsed as a release agent or lubricant it can be used in all
areas where incidental food contact possible
Solvent Industrial CleanerFast and dry industrial cleaner
Spray GlueAerosol glue, heavy duty
Water Based Anti-Weld SpatterNon-flammable, non-silicone, solvent-free spray which repels
spatter particles with no unpleasant fumes during use
White GreaseWater resistant white grease suitable for use in anti-friction
and plain bearing pumping equipment
Zinc Galvanising SprayResin based paint contain Zinc powder making exceptionally
good corrosion resistant primer