Professional and Hospital Grade Cleaning and Sanitising Products

Used throughout the NHS for Hygiene and Healthcare these products are priced for every day use to give peace of mind without paying extra.

pH Neutral means that it is safe to be used on highgrade technical equipment.

Even high grade stainless steel will be damaged over time by ordinary detergent and there are no harmful elements to melt polycarbonate fabric.

Detergent Sanitiser will absorb human spills such as blood and vomit killing pathogens and sanitising in one go. Used direct from the container it will help solidify harmful spills rendering them easier to clean away.

Dilute in water and it becomes a powerful cleaner for all hard surfaces cleaning and sanitising in one simple operation.

Catering & Kitchen Size
Machine Liquid Dishwash 1 Ltr
Machine Dishwash Tablets 100
Cleaner/Degreaser 5 Ltrs
Bactericidal Cleaner Trigger 750 mls
Detergent Sanitizer 500 gms
Lemon Detergent 5 Ltrs
Surface Cleaners size
pH Neutral Liquid Detergent 5 Ltrs
pH Neutral Liquid Detergent 1 Ltr
General Hard Surface Cleaner 5 Ltrs
Cleaner/Degreaser 5 Ltrs
Glass Cleaner Trigger 750 mls
Bactericidal Cleaner Trigger 750 mls
Cream Cleaner 500 mls
Lemon Detergent 5 Ltrs
Washroom & Odour Control Size
Daily Use Toilet Cleaner 750 mls
Pine Disinfectant 750 mls
Chlorine Tablets 200
Detergent Sanitizer 500 gms
Thin Bleach 5 Ltrs
Thick Bleach 5 Ltrs
Thick Bleach 750 mls